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Ultimate Options For Beginners

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Learn what Options are and how they are priced, in this New Course Designed for the Absolute Beginners.What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Basics of Stock Options
  • What are Options
  • Call’s and Puts
  • The Greeks
  • Options Pricing


  • No experience required


The Perfect Beginners Course for you to learn about Options

Our Options for Beginners is designed to help you learn the absolute basics of what Options are, how they are priced, and how to trade them. This program is ideal for the beginner who is looking to start learning about Options Trading. This course does not teach a strategy but does give you the foundation to continue learning about how to build a strategy which you will find in our future courses.

So why should you learn Options?

Well, options are one of the only investment vehicle that can allow your to design your reward curve. There are strategies that can profit in up, down, or in a sideways market. It can be the perfect vehicle to help diversify your portfolio. Best of all, most strategies can be done while working a full-time job! In fact many Option traders out perform regular stock traders because of the greater degree of flexibility and leverage.

What’s in this course?

So what’s in this course. This introductory course will provide you with the foundations needed for our more advanced strategies courses. You will start by learning the following:

  • What are Options
  • Call’s and Puts
  • Options Pricing
  • The Greeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course Right For Me?

This course is perfect for:

  • any trader who wants to learn about options.
  • Anyone who wants to add options to their trading strategies
  • Anyone who wants to get better leverage on their stock traders with options.

Who Isn’t This Course For?

This course is not good for:

  • People who already have a basic understanding of Options and are looking for more advanced strategies
  • People who are looking to make get rich quick. Like everything in life, Options require commitment and time to master

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner’s who are interested in learning about Stock Options

Course content48 lectures02:01:28–Introduction02:16WelcomePreview02:16–What’s an Option08:30What are DerivativesPreview00:42What is an OptionPreview03:18Buyers vs SellersPreview03:28What are Options Quiz (Questions)Preview00:11What are Options Quiz1 questionWhat are Options Quiz (Answers)Preview00:51–Options Pricing16:09How are Options Priced01:14Intrinsic Value06:58Extrinsic Value05:19Quiz 1 Intro00:14Option Pricing Quiz 11 questionOptions Pricing Quiz 1 Answers01:07Quiz 2 Intro00:12Options Pricing Quiz 21 questionOptions Pricing Quiz 2 Answers00:43Intrinsic Value and Extrinsic Value00:22–Volitility11:21What impacts Options Pricing04:44Volitility Example06:37–The Greeks35:38Options Greeks01:19Delta06:03Delta Curve05:51Finishing with Delta02:50Gamma and Gamma Curve06:06Rho02:17Vega00:57Theta00:40Real World Example09:35–The Greeks Continued15:16Options and Time08:46Quiz 1 Intro00:29Quiz 11 questionQuiz 1 Answers02:01Quiz 2 Intro00:12Quiz 21 questionQuiz 2 Answers01:42Quiz 3 Intro00:08Quiz 31 questionQuiz 3 Answers01:58–What is a Call16:09What is a Call00:33Call Options01:14Buying a Call07:05Selling a Call05:10Position Sizing02:07–What is a Put10:53What is a Put02:09Buying a Put03:27Selling a Put02:54Calls and Puts Quiz Intro00:09Quiz 11 questionQuiz 1 Answers01:13Calls and Puts Quiz 2 Intro00:10Quiz 21 questionQuiz 2 Answers00:51–Options Expiry01:28What happens when Options Expire01:28–Conclusion03:48Tips01:54Options Education Journey01:11Bonus Lecture00:43



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