[Download] Waking Dragon: The Emerging Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the World {150MB}

Waking Dragon: The Emerging Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the World

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China has emerged as the factory floor for global production, providing the world with cheap goods at the astonishingly low China price. But there is a very steep price to pay for these low-budget consumables, a price that very well may have dire consequences for the health and security of the planet. Peter Navarro dissects the coming China wars and their implications for issues ranging from oil prices and energy security to global warming and environmental pollution as well as from U.S. political independence and financial market stability to hot-war military conflict.
Contents Lecture 1. The dragon awakes — Lecture 2. The statistics of growth — Lecture 3. The “China price” — Lecture 4. Piracy and counterfeiting — Lecture 5. Oil — Lecture 6. Imperialism — Lecture 7. Air — Lecture 8. Water — Lecture 9. The drug trade — Lecture 10. China’s ticking time bombs — Lecture 11. Wars from within — Lecture 12. Military — Lecture 13. The coming China space wars — Lecture 14. Solutions and responses to the China problem.



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