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gaining control, you’re gaining confidence and you’re finally going to gain profitability, opening up the door to a permanent source of additional income, freeing you from the need to work for someone else for the rest of your life,

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If you’re on this page, I’m going to presume that you’re here because you’re tired of remaining stuck within your trading…

…you’re tired of the guessing, the attempting to predict the market, the being unsure about the trades you’re taking, and you’re done with having no plan, no proven structure in place and the inconsistent results that’ve led you around in circles throughout your trading career so far.

If that’s the case, I can help.

If I could share strategies with you that completely remove the guessing, the predicting, the worrying and the doubt caused by the usual discretionary strategies that lead around in circles – You know the ones; Support and resistance, trend lines, using indicators like RSI, stochastics, etc. – All of which require you to get a ‘feel‘ for, or ‘read’ the market, things that are impossible to do without years of chart-time,

How would that impact your trading?

If I could literally hand over statistically proven strategies, with a clear set of rules that you can implement straight away, providing a framework to help you better-understand the markets along with removing all of the stumbling-blocks that have held you back so far,

What impact would that have on your confidence?

…not to mention your profitability.

To tell you exactly how my strategies work;

They solve the problem of having to use discretion, completely removing the need to guess, or predict the markets, or mark levels [everybody draws them differently…] and so on.

Each one of my strategies is built around a completely mechanical, rule-based, black and white setup. All we do is await the setup, execute and walk away, solving the problem of knowing where to trade, when to trade, etc.

As soon as you have the rules, you can see every trade setup that has ever occurred, including every trade recorded on the trades taken spreadsheet/s I share below and in my YouTube video/s, clear as day.

It’s an extremely simple, time-efficient and most importantly consistent way to profit from the markets with no stress, no guesses, no predictions and no worry whatsoever.

Imagine a consistently profitable strategy that makes trading not only easy, but stress-free, worry-free… 

I know what you’re saying to yourself; “They don’t exist”, and I don’t blame you for thinking that, which is why I physically trade the strategies, live, and regularly share videos of me doing so over at my YouTube channel, and I also go as far as to share not only my physical trade records, showing every single trade taken via all four of my strategies, but also broker statements.

I’ll even go as far as to share the following, which details one week of live trades taken combining the Price Reversion strategy applied to the DAX market and the Session Momentum strategy applied to the GBPUSD market;

Exact entry points, exact exit points and exact outcomes.

Resulting in a £1,754.66 profit, in 5 days;

(I have had to blur the entry and exit prices to avoid traders mapping these and potentially uncovering the edges, but these are shared on the trades-taken spreadsheets that you’ll receive alongside the strategy guides within each package that I offer)

You’re also able to fact-check the trade record/s as soon as you have the rules of the strategy/s to see the positions for yourself.

…but with all of that said, please, don’t take my word for how easy and straight-forward the strategies that I share are to trade, or how consistently they continue to perform, listen to the traders who’ve joined me in trading them.

Sound too good to be true?

Matt, who’s feedback is below, thought so too, but he was tired of the losing money, tired of blindly following other traders’ calls and relying on sheer luck, tired of paying monthly subscriptions for discretionary live-rooms that just caused confusion and led around in circles, tired of the same old technical analysis that just provided ‘best-guess’ scenarios and no profitable trades, so he took action.

He joined me in trading my strategies, took it upon himself to join me in a USDJPY trade that we took together at the end of December (As the strategies are mechanical, we all take the same trades) and banked over £10,000. Yes, you read that correctly.

Over £10,000+ in one trade;

Just imagine banking a trade of that size…

…and the most incredible thing?

All Matt did to ‘earn’ that £10,000+ was await the setup, take the trade, place his stop-loss and target and walk away.

Incredible results, for very little work.

It took me weeks and months of hard work and expensive education and mentoring to learn what I’ve learned – That being how to identify edges, build strategies around them, build performance data on them and take them live – But it was all worth it. Every penny of the thousands of pounds I spent training with professional traders has returned to me ten-fold.

Listen, you’ll have read my story over at the About Me page, but I used to make all of the usual mistakes, the ones you’re most likely making now;

Exiting trades early out of fear or greed, running losses in the ‘hope’ they’d turn around and come good, taking trades that weren’t either part of my plan or my strategy, and that’s if I even had a strategy in place.

I was trading with emotion and without edge.

The thing is, without edge, you’re toast. You will never, ever succeed as a trader without it, and it’s exactly what my strategies provide;

Statistically proven sources of edge, alongside a clear list of rules to implement on a daily basis.

With my strategies in place, you’ll finally know; Exactly where to enter, where to place your stop, where to place your take-profit and after that, you’ll walk away, completely removing emotion from the equation.

Are you trading without edge? If so, quite frankly, you’re destined to remain on the hamster wheel, losing money month after month, but it isn’t your fault. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. As soon as we come in to this industry we’re given the same old ‘trend-lines’, ‘bollinger bands’, ‘stochastics’, we’re given the same old ‘predict the market’, we’re given the same old ‘follow my signal service’…

The losing money begins and doesn’t end… Until you find strategies that, like those that I trade, provide edge.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself; “Why haven’t I heard of a mechanical strategy before?” I agree with you; It amazes me that more traders don’t know that we’re able to use statistics to prove a strategy provides edge, and then simply apply rules to the parameters and follow these rules.

It amazes me that the vast majority of traders out there still think that you have to use trend-lines, pivot points, MACD, fundamental analysis, live-rooms, etc to profit from the markets. It’s just not true.

…then again, the vast majority of traders lose money, so why are you doing what they all do?

That’s the reason that we – Those of us trading using statistically proven strategies that give us edge, applying a set of easy-to-follow rules to remove the emotion that prevents all other traders from achieving profitability, – are profitable, whilst the vast majority of other traders are not.

The same month I began trading mechanical strategies, I escaped the pain of taking trades based on ‘best-guesses’ and on predictions, I left behind that ‘unsure’ feeling that comes with trading a strategy that you can’t prove delivers results or offers edge, and by simply following a statistically proven strategy and applying a clear set of rules, I finally became consistently profitable,

and there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing the same, and banking wins just like those we experience on a regular basis.

Again, you can watch me trade the strategies live over at my YouTube channel and I’ll literally walk you through trades as they take place…

…and again, the results, the sharing deal tickets as I close out my trades, the sharing real, live screen-recordings of me taking trades using the strategies, the sharing broker statements, not to mention the feedback from all of the traders I’ve worked with, all speaks for itself.

Listen, can I just share the strategies with you?

Imagine you began this year trading the Session Momentum strategy, and three weeks in you’d banked ten winning trades out of twelve trades via the GBPUSD market alone, how would that have impacted your account balance, not to mention your confidence?

(And again, you’re able to fact-check the above trade record shown in the video as soon as you have the rules of the strategy/s to see the positions and the take-profits all being hit for yourself)

Picture yourself not having to make any more predictions or any more ‘best-guesses’, and never having to be in a trade where you’re feeling worried about the outcome, or whether your strategy even works, ever again.

Imagine removing all of the noise that the majority of traders – The vast majority of whom are losing traders – concern themselves with, and having a proven strategy in place and a clear set of rules to follow…

How would that impact your trading?

…would you like to trade my strategies alongside me?

If so, I’ve built an easy to digest video course for each of my strategies which fully outlines how and why each strategy works, exactly how I found the edge and built the strategy, the setup itself that we identify and trade, the rules we follow, risk outline, performance metrics, trades-taken spreadsheet/s, and I’ve also included live-trade walk-throughs via screen-recording and the likes, too.

By the end of each short video course you’ll be ready to begin trading your chosen strategy/s with me straight away, as soon as today.

But, what you’re really getting aren’t just strategies…

…you’re gaining control, you’re gaining confidence and you’re finally going to gain profitability, opening up the door to a permanent source of additional income, freeing you from the need to work for someone else for the rest of your life,

and on top of that, you’re going to solve the problem and overcome the obstacles that the vast majority of traders cannot;

You’re going to completely remove emotion from your trading – No more guesses. No more predictions. No more worry, and no more stress – And you’re going to finally see setups that only professional traders are able to identify, and that will finally provide a profitable source of edge for you to capitalise on, consistently.

Believe me, retail traders – The 90% of traders out there who lose money consistently – Don’t know that these edges even exist.

All you need to do is simply follow the proven rules outlined in the strategy guides, and the money will take care of itself.

…and no, the video course for each strategy isn’t confusing or overly-detailed. Each setup we trade is simple. In as little as an hour’s time you’ll have a complete understanding of the edge, the strategy and the rules, and you’ll be ready to trade it with me tomorrow morning.

If Trausti can do it, why can’t you?

…and if Steve can literally bank +£1,796 within week-one of having the Session Momentum strategy alone, why can’t you?

…and if Vaughan can make almost the entire cost of the Bronze package in profit on day one with yet again, one single trade, why can’t you?

…and if Jack can trade the Price Reversion setup before leaving for work in the morning, and have profit in the bank by the time he arrives at work, what is it that’s stopping you doing the same?

…and if Vishal can use just one of the strategies to bank +5.18R growing his account by over +10% in a single week at 2% risk per trade, again, why can’t you?

…and if Arturo can use the Session Momentum strategy to pass the FTMO test and receive a $100K account and begin trading the firm’s capital then again, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

What you’ll receive;

As soon as you’ve joined us, the entire programme will be waiting on the very next page, allowing you to make a start right away.

From there, you will be able to book-in an in-person one-to-one call with one of our in-house coaches at your convenience, and you will be able to join us on an upcoming weekly group Q&A call with other programme members.

You’ll also receive two added valuable resources at no additional cost, including an in-detail training webinar that will show you exactly how I identify sources of edge and build viable, profitable strategies around these so that you can learn the skillset needed to do the same, along with an in-detail training manual on the subject of journaling, plus a copy of my trade journal that you’ll be able to print out and use.

…and to go the extra mile;

As an additional helping hand, I’m going to provide completely free on-going support for you, making myself available at all times going forward via Email, so if you have any questions or need any guidance whatsoever, I’m always here and on-hand to help.

I’ll also provide completely free and unlimited lifetime programme updates, meaning that not only will I send over updated data on them whenever you’d like me to – Again, you can drop me an Email at anytime requesting this or anything else and you’ll have a response in as little as a few hours – If I ever find that the strategies perform in other markets, or if I ever discover an adjustment that boosts profitability, you’ll be notified instantly.



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