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  • Humbled Trader Academy: a comprehensive self-paced course designed to teach you the foundations of day trading stocks.
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Shay Portrait

hey there!

My name is Shay, but my followers know me as Humbled Trader.

I got tired of seeing Lamborghinis, luxury travel and extravagant parties in every day trading tutorial on the internet. So, I decided to make my own content – as a real trader, for other real traders.

The truth is, day trading is hard! It’s never about the easy money or getting rich quick. I’m known for my straightforward, no BS approach to day trading.

Join me in our global trading community of over 700+ members, and learn from other real-life traders to help kickstart your own day trading journey.


Shay’s day trading journey

Shay, also known as the Humbled Trader, is a stock trader and YouTube personality who loves snowboarding, pole fitness, making others laugh with her bad jokes and eating good food (which is the only reason she works out).

Prior to day trading full-time for a living, Shay worked in the labor-intensive film and VFX industry. While the compensation wasn’t bad, the hours were long and draining on both the mind and body. So after several years of blood, sweat and equity, Shay began looking for a way out.

In 2014, she decided to find a way to achieve the life she wanted and stumbled across day trading. Shay fell in love with the ability to work from home as she’s quite the house cat.

“Achieving financial freedom and traveling the world, all while making BIG money… that sounds like the dream, right?” …Or so she thought.

Just like most beginner traders, Shay soon learned that trading the markets was anything BUT easy.

She encountered many failures, and a lot of days where she felt like giving up. Once, Shay bashed her computer and cried in tears when she lost over $20,000 following chat room alerts from various “trading gurus.”

After more than a year of struggling and drowning in deep red, Shay finally learned that trading isn’t about finding the “perfect” system. It’s about understanding psychology, trading price action (not patterns), and  following a structured risk management system.

It was only after Shay started prioritizing risk over reward, and paired regiment with a set of high probability trading strategies, that she finally found real consistency in her day trading profits.

Not all trading days need to be green, but Shay’s green days far outnumber her red days. You see, it’s not about how much money you make in day trading, but about how little you lose.

After six years of grinding in the markets, Shay now trades full-time from home, and spends her free time doing the things she loves. You can catch her snowboarding in the winter, and hiking and kayaking in the summer.

Shay also makes entertaining and educational YouTube videos to share her journey, her lessons, and build up her comedy reel for her Saturday Night Live audition… maybe someday.

Shay now boasts over 800K engaged subscribers and also owns her very own trading community.

Though Shay is outspoken on YouTube and enjoys making others laugh, she can be quite the wallflower. At a party you can likely find her snuggling her drinks in the corner… well, unless it’s a party where people talk about stocks.

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