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Download Files Size : 11MB Value: $38.51 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Shortlisted for the Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award The unbelievable story of a secretive mathematician who pioneered the era of the algorithm–and made $23 billion doing it. Jim Simons is the greatest money maker in modern financial history. No other investor–Warren Buffett, Peter

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Download Files Size: 8.1MB Value : $25.99 WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER “An incredible, compelling read. It covers an astonishing amount of ground with basic simplicity and good humor. A masterful starting point for any investor. Tina Hay is a wizard.”—Ben Stein, economist, author, actor and commentator A handy crash course in personal finance, Napkin Finance is the groundbreaking guide

[DOWNLOAD] How to Trade Forex and Currency Markets, A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Forex Trading: Understanding the Psychology and Strategies of Big Banks and Institutions {48MB}

Download File Size : 48MB Value: $491.24 “How to Trade Forex and Currency Markets: A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Forex Trading” is a practical and easy-to-follow workbook for people interested in forex (foreign exchange) trading. Geared for newcomers to currency trading, the book takes its readers through the fundamentals of the market and provides easily-understood explanations

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From the Publisher A practical guide for making sense of chaos theory and applying it to today’s financial markets. Enables traders and analysts to uncover hidden determinism in seemingly random market events and make accurate investment decisions with high probabilities for profit. Supplies practical, real-world tools for applying chaos to global commodity, futures and options

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“If you are already familiar with MIDAS and interested in rediscovering the powerful trading method developed by the late Paul Levine, then this will become your book of reference. The authors walk you through the wonderful MIDAS world and explain its variations with copious charts and examples. If you are new to the MIDAS method,

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Download Files Size : 7.1MB Value : $99.95 An accessible guide for traders looking to boosting profits in the financial markets from a trading superstar  Dubbed “The Messiah of Day Trading” by Dow Jones , Oliver Velez is a world-renowned trader, advisor, entrepreneur and one of the most sought after speakers and teachers on trading

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BOTT Price Action Bible: Binary Options Turbo Trading, Forex, FX Options, Digital Options The ultimative Price Action bible (1 edition) for any kind of financial instrument (Binary Options, Forex, FX Options, Digital Options) any kind of time frame from 1 min over 5 min up to 15 min, 30 min and above and any kind

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Download Files Size : Value : $44.99 Discover a variety of technical and fundamental profit-making strategies for trading the currency market with the This Edition of Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market. In this book, Kathy Lien–Director of Currency Research for one of the most popular Forex providers in the world–describes everything from time-tested technical and