[DOWNLOAD] Get Started & Opening Your Day Trading Business Today {853MB}

[DOWNLOAD] Get Started & Opening Your Day Trading Business Today

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What you’ll learn

  • day-trading
  • swing-trading
  • taxes
  • taxes for stock trading
  • finances
  • financial institution


  • Understanding Basic Taxes
  • Understanding Basic Day-Trading Principles
  • Day-Trading
  • Swing-Trading


This is going to be an intro to treating day trading like a business…looking at trading through the lens of someone who’s a profitable trader and trying to adopt that mindset, because success in trading is more than just skill and strategy. Not that those aren’t very important because they are, but it’s also about the mindset. It’s about how you approach trading, how you think about trading, how you handle the ups and downs of trading.

And by thinking about it from the perspective of this is a business that I’m starting essentially, it’s not any different than starting a business or opening a coffee shop or a car dealership or automotive repair shop or whatever the case is. And that helps in a lot of ways for you to be able to handle those losses a little bit better, to become less attached to them to actually detach from them from an emotional perspective.

Who this course is for:

  • Day Traders and Stock Traders Desiring To Run A Day Trading/Swing Trading Business and/or Company
  • Anyone who is already working in stock market who want to optimize their tax situations



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