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Insider Stock Trading, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, & Day Trading w/ Hedge Fund CEO: Genuine Learning + Mentorship

Genuine learning + trading + mentorship by rising Silicon Valley trading firm CEO.

Trading & Investing Bootcamp✧ — See where + how to start trading in real life.

Thrive in the stock market » Apply the lessons – tools – mentorship to trade solo.

Invest in Winners! — Pick first-class stocks with the ProfitProphet Checklist.

Upgrade your trading! — Use the powerful tools we use to build profitable portfolios.

✧LIVE✧ Trading Examples — Watch Pros trade in real- + build a stock portfolio.

Secure exclusive access — My firm’s trade secrets + pro investors’ trading decisions.

Trust the process. Reap the benefits.

Join 350,000+ Students in the #1 Best-Selling Courses on Trading & Top-Rated Stock Market Investing Course!

REAL Life stock trading & investing education for…REAL Life swing trading in the stock market.

Actionable stock trading bootcamp, trading training, & swing trading strats to not just learn how to trade stocks, but step-by-step, action-by-action, become, a profitable swing trader & stock market investor.

Welcome to the ProfitProphet (Novice) – taught by pro trader, investor, best-selling author, and founder of ProfitProphetX – one of the fastest-growing hedge fund trading firms in Silicon Valley.

Learning – Trading Training – Mentoring

Kickstart stock trading & investing with this complete swing trading course & stock trading bootcamp – from novice to actual, profitable trader & investor.

❝If you ever wanted to get in on the stock market, this is the course to take.❞

-Business Insider

With my team of Silicon Valley’s top investors, advisors, and traders, I will teach, train, & mentor you to actually swing trade & invest. To pounce on trading & investing opportunities. To thrive in the stock market.

Swing trading – Stock trading – Technical Analysis – Day trading – Hedge fund trading – Investing – ETFs

14 Courses in 1 — Everything You Need to Trade – Invest – Grow a Stock Portfolio

Insider access to our trade secrets – Learn how pro investors actually make trading & investing decisions. How to pick stocks -the best stocks to invest in.

❝A true stock trading course for bners and trading guide to results-driven trading.❞

– Kindle Nation

Know exactly where & how to start – Apply what you learned – ag yourself with everything + everyone you need to immediately start trading.

Here is What

I’m Going to Show You + What You Will Be Able to Do:

1. Stock + Stock Market -Basics: Master the basics – All you need to know about stocks & markets.

2. Trading + Investing -Basics: Get our trading checklist – The Checklist that built my trading firm.

3. Trader + Investor -Basics: Go inside the profitable trader’s mind – Psychology & market sennt.

4. When – Where – What – How to Trade Stocks & Invest Like the Best: Execution!

– When: Best s to trade/invest – When to buy. When to sell. When to stay out.

– Where: Pick & navigate the software + platforms where you will actually buy & sell stocks.

– What: Trade & invest in winners – Use a stock screener to filter through 5,000+ stocks & find

the best 10-12 tradable stocks.

– How: Deploy the ProfitProphet Checklist – Holding the most valuable trading analysis

tools & factors to unlock profits & minimize risk.

5. Technical Analysis: Master the technical indicators that matter – Master stock valuation.

– Charting – Trends – Moving Averages – Support/Resistance – RSI – Volume – and More!

6. Candlesticks: Foresee stock price w/ psychic-like Candlestick Patterns + Anticipate the market.

7. Moneymaking Candlestick Reversal Patterns: Guard profits w/ our data-driven list of top patterns.

8. Deploy! Tools – Skills – Lessons: Apply new tools + trading training to find & assess the best stocks.

9. LIVE Trading Examples + Stock Portfolio: Watch me trade in real- + Build a stock portfolio.

10. Setup – Charting Platform: Tailor a charting platform for stock charts, stock analysis & tracking.

11. YOU – Trade + Invest: Step-by-Step, go through the ProfitProphet Checklist to evaluate +

pick moneymaking stocks.

12. Practice – Stock Market Simulator: Trade & invest in the stock market without real money.

13. Wealth Management: Grow & manage your world-class stock portfolio.

14. Confidential Exclusive access to my trading firm’s private tools & resources.

Results — By the End of the Course:

Professional swing trading awaits — You will have the knowledge, tools, skills, & experience to consistently make money trading and investing in the stock market. To actually be a successful swing trader & investor.

Pick high-quality stocks

– Stocks that are right for you & your financial goals + needs.

Buy & sell stocks like my pro traders

– Use the powerful tools, resources, & concepts we use to build lucrative stock portfolios.

Accurately predict the future price of a stock

– Use Psychic-like candlestick patterns to buy low + sell high.

Mentorship – Leave the course with a lifelong coach, a safety net, and start trading + investing now!

Extra! — You’ll Also Get

FREE stock! (limited supply)

Membership in our trading & investing club

Prizes + Giveaways (limited supply)

Games, worksheets, projects, homework, case studies, trading/investing examples, cheat-sheets, & more

Tips on how to invest

Life access to course updates

Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

Official Udemy Certificate of Completion – ready for

Don’t Miss Out! — Act Now

In order to provide attentive one-on-one coaching; we only have a limited number of spots available.

Every second you wait is costing you precious and money.

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so there’s no risk to get started.

Go hit the “Take This Course” button to actually (and profitably) start trading + investing today!

Level 1 Novice Traders + Swing Traders + Investors — Accelerate the learning process and go from novice to actual, profitable trader & investor.

Level 2 Apprentice — Make trading & investing finally *Click* — Profitably trade & invest in the real world.

Level 3 Intermediate — Thrive in the stock market — Apply the lessons – tools – mentorship to trade on your own + build a world-class stock portfolio.



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