[DOWNLOAD] Stock Market Technical Analysis with TIME and Trend Lines { 3.4GB}

[DOWNLOAD] Stock Market Technical Analysis with TIME and Trend Lines

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What you’ll learn

  • There are 2 ways to trade in stock / currency or commodity markets. One is with the price and second is with the time. Most of the traders deal with the price. In this course students will be able to understand the concept of time. Time can be calculated in minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. Starting this course with very basic concepts of time, so would be very easy to understand and apply.
  • Addition to Gann Time Cycles, concept of trend lines are also covered. Trend Lines, Channels, and the Pitchfork.
  • Bonus Section: The factors of the economy are explained in very simple language


  • No! Its very easy to understand and apply. Join the course for the fun. Keep yourself light and will be enlightened.


Time forecasting is an idea or an alert. As you get an alert of a storm and you take precautions and shift to a safe shelter to save yourself. The possibility is storm changes the direction or slows down. But if it hits on the day, think! how safe you are and your belongings because of this alert. There are advantages and disadvantages of the concept and the theme. But as an additional tool one can keep this arrow in the quiver. This course is providing a seed that you can convert into a tree by practicing and practicing. This is a totally new concept for many stock or commodity traders hence take it as an adventure. Here in this concept, you are not using any indicator or an oscillator. Purely initiate on time with matching to price behavior. Initially, you can start with it as a secondary study. With time this can become a primary tool, once you absorb the concept in your sub-conscious mind:

This course is for one and a half hrs at the time of day 1 of publishing but very soon will add new lessons and case studies. Dear Students! your valuable input and questions will make this course more empowered with rich content. Please contribute. Here I want to thanks all the students for their valuable inputs in my first course – “stock trading with price action”. I personally feel the bonus section of the mentioned course is the heart or the final fruit of the concept. Thanks for your support and overwhelming response. Lots of love to all. You all contributed to this first course “Stock Trading with Price Action” to make it an unbeatable experience.

This course “Stock Market – Technical Analysis with Time and Trend lines” is powered by trend line formation and applications. Under the head of trend lines, channels, Regression Trend, and pitchfork are also covered with case studies.   

Join the course for fun and discover new concepts. Keep yourself light as well as unbiased and will be enlightened.

October 23, ’20

In “Bouns Section” one full half-hour lecture on economics is published as Diwali and X-Mas gift. In this lecture, economics is explained in a very simple manner.

Why fundamentals in technical analysis course?

because I believe technical and fundamental analysis complements each other.

November 23rd ’20

A new lecture will be added within the next one week on Day trading and Intraday 

Today the duration of the course is more than 4 hours. Will try to add lectures of more than 2 more hours to this course with rich content.

With Best and Kind Regards

Who this course is for:

  • Stock Traders and Investors. Currency and Commodity traders. Short term, long term and positional traders.
  • Those who want to explore the unknown. How to design trading strategies with the time action or combining time and price.



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