[DOWNLOAD] The Complete Scalping S&P500 Course on Real Trading Account

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What you’ll learn

  • How to trade S&P500 effectively
  • A simple scalping strategy to double a trading account
  • How to deal with emotions in live trading
  • Identify Risk Management issues related to market positions
  • Become familiar with practical trading techniques (Scalping)
  • Scalping S&P500 specifications


  • An Open Mind & Willingness to Learn
  • Basic understanding of Forex or Stock Market Trading.
  • Even a new trader with very little understanding of technical analysis can understand this course


My name is ISSAC Asimov trader for more than 14 years, specialized in Gold, Index and US stocks.

My preview course was about trading gold in that course I shared with you a simple strategy to trade Gold and I demonstrated the effectiveness of this strategy through live trading sessions and in one month approximately I doubled a trading account dedicated to this strategy .

If you are interested you can check this course too about gold.

This course is about scalping, I will share with you a very profitable strategy based on two indicators, Vwap and MA200, and I will explain the strategy point by point to give you a clear insight about how to enter and how to close each trade.

Before starting this course I checked the internet about trading strategies, and I found many expert shares old strategies and those strategies are note any more valid because the conditions of market when those strategy was effective are changed.

Let me give you an example , a strategy based on intersection between moving averages applied on Forex (GBP/USD) in 2000 was effective , the same strategy is note effective in 2020 because the dynamic of the market changed and 90% of big trading portfolios are managed by robot , the same about markets some time a strategy is effective in Gold but worthless in Forex , the example of that in my last course about Gold , the strategy shared in that course is a profitable strategy in Gold but in index no , it’s not a profitable strategy specifically for volatile indexes like DAX30 .

The strategy I will share with you in this course is a very profitable strategy, need a lot of practice to master it, in this course we will apply this strategy on one chart the SP500 and I will share with you more information why this strategy is suitable to SP500 and how to ovoid fake breakout when using this strategy on real trading sessions.

Who this course is for:

  • Trader who lost money in trading
  • Students who want to become traders
  • Beginner Trader



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