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Explore in depth the business side of trading. Learn how much money you need to succeed, understand how to position size for success, determine cash flow expectations, and find out what you absolutely must know to preserve the capital you so rightly deserve.

Included in the course is lots of discussions regarding Mastery and the Trading Business to include:

  • Imperative considerations BEFORE you quit your job and become a full-time trader
  • How to set up budgets – SPREADSHEET INCLUDED!
  • What is needed for net worth and how much should be used for trading – SPREADSHEET INCLUDED!
  • Setting up your trading accounts for success
  • Cash Flow Projections – SPREADSHEETS INCLUDED!
  • Hedging and disaster planning
  • Capital requirements for long-term success
  • SPECIAL – The Business of Options Trading, a presentation by Dave Thomas

The Trading Triangle Trading System


Learn what you need to know about trading mechanics in order to be successful long term. Uncover the secret to low risk, high probability trades. Observe how to create and modify Broken Wing Butterfly trades to match your objectives, how to hedge your positions, and when to exit so you can avoid those unexpected draw downs.

We dove deep into Broken Wing Butterfly trades and behavior, adapting to market changes plus:

  • How to adjust and position size
  • Adapt with advanced M21 style trade planning
  • Systems development
  • Defcon levels
  • Emergency Gap Down Procedure for the M3 Trading System.
  • Tlogs
  • SPECIAL – Trading On The Go, a presentation by David Heinzen
  • BONUS – Successful Options Trader panel with SIX talented traders who share their SECRETS to GREAT TRADING!

The Trading Triangle Performance Psychology


Identify what is holding you back from massive success. Learn how to harness the power of your own mind and use it to your advantage. Install the thought processes that long-term highly successful traders have and propel yourself to become the confident, prosperous trader you were meant to be.

There is over EIGHT HOURS dedicated to psychology probing into the trader mind:

  • How you think and identify what is holding you back from success
  • How to harness the power of your own mind to use it to your advantage
  • The six human needs and how that relates to your beliefs, values, and identity
  • What drives your behavior, feelings, and actions
  • How to drop into “The Zone”
  • Importance and installation of power anchors and how to collapse anchors that don’t serve you
  • Goal Setting
  • SPECIAL – Values Elicitation Process Instructions

“Great community, great people, great stuff. Very valuable information. During the whole time I had the feeling that I’m with the right people at the right place, at the right time.” – Andrej F.

“John’s depth of knowledge is unparalleled. Only to be surpassed by his caring about the success of his clients. John is very genuine and is not just in this for the money. If you put in the work you can do this.” – Jeff N.

“John Locke has taken options trading to a whole new level with complex strategies. He’s able to easily manage these strategies as both short term (<30 days) and medium term (30 to 60 days) trades. As the trades mature and get closer to expiration he employs different principles to manage the trade. He is truly a Grand Master at options trading. Furthermore, he is genuinely interested in the advancement of his students on multiple levels that extends beyond options trading. Thank you John.” – Todd K.

“John has an advanced understanding of options trading and a sincere desire to teach them and help others achieve that knowledge. Combined with a great teaching style makes him and his programs ideal for already accomplished traders to move up a level in their training.” – Tim P.

“Thank you John and Dave for your guidance during the past year! I’ve gone from a total novice to being very comfortable trading complex options strategies. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my trading education.” – Travis W



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