[DOWNLOAD] The Ultimate Forex Trading Course: Complete Forex Trading {9.11GB}

[Download] The Ultimate Forex Trading Course Complete Forex Trading

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What you’ll learn

The Basics & Fundamentals Of Forex Trading

Trading Psychology: The Mindset Of The Winning Trader

Technical Analysis: How To Identify Trading Opportunities Using Technical Analysis

Risk Management: How To Stay In The Game To Fight Another Day

How To Trade Forex Like A Casino By Keeping The Odds In Your Favor

Choosing A Forex Broker (& The 6 Things To Look For)

How To Measure Your Trading Performance Using Journaling & Self-review (Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure)

How To Place Your Very First Trade

Trading Strats To Ensure Your Success In The Forex Market

The Right Way To Set Short Term/Long Term Goals So You Can Stay Laser Focused & Achieve Success

Bonus 1: Creating A Personalized Trading Plan

Bonus 2: How To Backtest Your Strategy

Bonus 3: Trading While Working Full

Bonus 4: Make A Living Trading Other People’s Money


Bring Only Your Willingness To Learn


Welcome To The Ultimate Forex Trading Course. This Extensive, Highly Practical & Straight To The Point Course Is Your One-stop To Become A Forex Trading Master! The Course Includes: ✓ Plenty of Examples ✓ Tons Of Exercises ✓ able Resources & ✓ Complementary Bonuses!

My goal with this course is to provide you with all the knowledge, the tools, and the resources you need to START TRADING ASAP & profit. We’ll start with the basics and slowly pick up the pace. By the end of the course you’ll have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to trade with confidence and, by then, you’ll have made YOUR very FIRST TRADE. To make sure what you learn from the course sticks, your knowledge will be put into PRACTICE often..

You’re in the right place. Whether you’re a NEWBIE who wants to learn all about forex trading or an EXPERIENCED trader looking to improve your trading performance, This course will get you there. Unlike most forex trading courses out there that are too general and focus mainly on turning trades into profit without giving you direction, this course was created with those mistakes in mind. Instead, The focus will be on YOU. That means, on top of learning top FOREX TRADING STRATS, you’re also going to…


Be able to MEASURE your performance through journaling & advanced self-review.

Set short term and long term GOALS to achieve success in your life & finances.

& Have a STEP BY STEP PLAN on how you’ll proceed after having completed the course.

As you may have noticed, the course is over 11 hours which means we’ll cover just about every aspect that has to do with forex trading and thus remove all the guesswork from the equation.

Again, we’ll start with the basics. So, FOREX TRADING 101 is the very first module of the course. In it, you’re going to learn how profiting from forex trading is done, the major currencies to focus on, forex teology, profit potential and also the risk involved as well.

An often neglected subject that’s of huge importance and that has been included as part of the course is TRADING PSYCHOLOGY. Because trading is a mind game, you’re going to learn how to master and win this game. You’ll discover how to instill a winning mindset, how to gain control over your emotions and my rule-based approach to trading.

The main trading method this course focuses on is TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. We will cover other methods as well, but mostly, we’ll be concentrating on technical analysis. We’ll explain what it is, how it works, its limitations and its 6 major components (each component is explained and they each come with a practical example and exercise).

RISK MANAGEMENT is one of the most important things in trading — You can have a good psychology and a good strategy, but if you have poor risk management, you’re not going to do well in trading. Not to worry, you are going to learn the best way to manage risk so you can maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

Finally, you need a broker to trade forex, but how do you CHOOSE A BROKER? I’ll share with you the 6+ things to look for in a broker as well as a list of my top recommended brokers. You’ll discover the brokers’ hidden agenda and what you absolutely need to know before you open an account.

The course covers all of this and so much more!

All you need to know about forex trading is covered and any questions you might have I’ll be here to answer for you. If you’re looking for that one course that won’t only improve your finances but your life as a whole, then don’t wait any longer and enroll in this course right now. This is the moment you take charge of your financial destiny for the rest of your life. Ready? Let’s get trading!

Who this course is for:

Bner Traders.

Traders Looking To Advance Their Knowledge & Skill.

Traders Who Want To See Consistent Results, Month After Month.

Anyone Who Wishes To Learn & Master Forex Trading



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