[DOWNLOAD] The Tony Langley Football Hedging System {3.5GB}

[DOWNLOAD] The Tony Langley Football Hedging System

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On the back of our recent interview with Tim Lowe, I received a mailing in the post today advertising Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System. Tim did mention he had a product launching soon, as this seems to be it.

Now if you have never heard of Tim Lowe before, you might want to read the interview we did with him here: Tim Lowe Review and Interview, where basically we put some questions to Tim about his business background, and his general ethos with regards to on-line businesses.

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Back to Tony Langley’s product. The mailing that arrived was very colourful, and promised to teach me how to make between £9,000 and £12,000 per month (eventually, and building up to) through what is known as ‘football hedging’. I have heard of this concept before, but I have to admit to never actually trying it. I am by no means a novice to trading, so I think this could be an interesting review.

On the right is a picture of the Football Hedging System mailing I received in the post, which also contained a DVD where Tim Lowe and Tony Langley explained in basic terms exactly how the Football Hedging system works, using layman’s terms, which I would assume is beneficial to those who have never traded before. It was good also to actually see who Tony Langley was.

The DVD was about 20 minutes long, and Tony explained how he would trade on the results of football matches, to the extent of, no matter what the score, there would be a profit to be made, and this is created by betting on all the various outcomes in such a way that it does not really matter who wins, or what the final score is.

This is where I would imagine ‘hedging’ comes into the equation. Hedging all your bets so you are covering all the angles – Makes sense.

Obviously, the word ‘hedging’ means hedging your bets, and covering all the possibilities that could potentially go against you, and if you do that, then there should only be one outcome.

Now I must state at this point, that the video that comes with the mailing does explain the basic principle of hedging by demonstrating you getting odds of 2/1 on Man Utd to Beat Hull, which you simply would never get in a month of Sundays, then I realised it was Tim Lowe who suggested the teams, and who probably knows nothing about football, in reality. It is Tony who is the trading expert.

Therefore, I would take the teams suggested with a pinch of salt, as it looks like they were used as examples of teams, by Tim, and not factual team possibilities when explaining potential odds.

Here is an example of the Hedging DVD, where Tim and Tony are explaining the concept. The concept of the hedging is not difficult to grasp, and is actually fairly logical once you see how it works.

The first thing you will realise on hearing Tony, and watching him perform in the webinars, etc, is that is is passionate about helping his students, and without a doubt knows his stuff.


The mailing asks you, after watching the DVD to go to a website and enter the access code, which is also contained on the letter you receive. Once you enter the access code, the website opens up, where you are met with even more explanations of how the Football Hedging system works, although in a bit more detail this time.

Here’s a snippet from the Football Hedging System sales page website:


Quite a bold claim it might seem, so I did a little bit of digging on Tony Langley, and it seems he is genuine, as there was another product he launched a few years ago which was very well received, so this maintained my interest.

What is Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System?

Reading the sales page I can gather the following:

  • This can be done by a novice.
  • No experience is required.
  • The page claims a very low loss rate.
  • Profit potential seems to be very high.
  • There is a money back guarantee.

The sales page really does give the impression that this is a serious way to make money, and I already know that the football market is very high in liquidity (money being waged) so the claims are not that far fetched if the system delivers as it advertises.

Basically, the Football Hedging System teaches those who purchase how to make money from a variety of different methods, based on the potential different outcomes of a football match. And they state that no matter what the result of the match is, that there is a way to profit from it.

Product Title: Tony Langley Football Hedging System

Author: Tony Langley, and Promoted by Tim Lowe

Price: £Variable depending on the package you choose.

What you get:

  • Access to the member area.
  • All the tools, and calculators required to hedge the bets.
  • 5/6 different methods of profiting from the football hedging system.
  • Complete video tutorials teaching each method, and all the strategies.
  • Product support from Tony Langley himself.

Guarantee: 14-Day ‘Change Your Mind’ Money Back Guarantee! As well as a 145 Day ‘It Works or Your Money Back’ Guarantee!

Here’s a screenshot of the Football hedging system guarantee:


Football Hedging System Members Area?

After logging into the members area, it is fairly self explanatory what you need to do. There is a welcome manual to download, which explains the basics, from Tony Langley himself, as well as all the systems for the Football Hedging System in a drop down menu.

Each system has it’s own downloadable PDF to read, together with extensive, and I mean extensive video training. The amount of effort that has gone into this product is quite astonishing, and after watching a few of the videos, the attention to detail Tony Langley goes into when explaining the system is very encouraging indeed.

I must say I was very impressed with the detail, and effort that has gone into the members area, which seems very definitely a professional offering.

Football Hedging System Review Section

I have not actually tested the product, which I don’t mind admitting, but from what I have seen so far, I am very tempted to pay the amounts required to test this, especially with the money back guarantees on offer, so watch this space.

Although, here are a few screenshots from the page, of earnings from single football matches:


How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

The promise is that you can make between £9,000 and £12,000 per month using the Football Hedging System, and Tony Langley himself claims to have had profitable months totaling £15,000+, and as this is the guy teaching you how he does it, together with the guarantees, it has to be an interesting proposition.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start?

The sales page explains that you can start with just £300, but I see no reason why you could not start with less, because you just make less profit and build up, but what I think they are saying, is that in order to be able to offer the guaranteed earnings, you need a minimum of a £300 betting bank, which is reasonable I think.

Will I Lose Any Money With This?

I think the zero risk statement that is said over, and over again may tell it’s own story. But again, the money back guarantees on offer seem to protect you should you not make the claimed amounts. I personally think that due to the amount of detail I have seen in the members area, if there was a flaw, then it would not be advertised that way. But, I must stress I have not tested this system yet.

Are There Any bad Points To This?

Honestly? from what I have seen this is VERY interesting, and Tony Langley really does seem to know what he is talking about, and he is making some serious money himself. But, the only ‘bad’ point I would consider, is that the package price for the system is higher than your average product. But then again, with the guarantees in place, and the potential earnings to consider, it seems reasonable.

The way I look at these things, is that if somebody like Tony can teach you to make £50,000 to £100,000+ a year, then the price is peanuts in comparison, and if you don’t make the profits after following what he teaches, then you have the guarantees to fall back on.

Another good point though, is the minimum betting bank needed to get started, which is only £300, and from what I can read, as long as you have and start with that, then they will guarantee the earnings they claim on the website.

In Summary of Tony’s Football Hedging System

In summary, it has to be one of the most tempting offers I have seen in a long time. The potential earnings are enough to entice, but having seen the teaching materials myself this morning, it really does look geared up to teach you a warts and all training product that could make you a lot of money – and when factoring in the money back guarantees, and the efforts Tony Langley has gone to in the member area, It does look very good indeed! (based on the advertising and the content of the members area).

Football Hedging Customer Testimonials

Here are just two of the testimonials that Tony has received, and many more can be found on the link at the bottom of this page:


Football Hedging Method 2016 – Updated

It is now over 8 months since Tony Langley, and Tim Lowe launched their Football Hedging Methods, and during that time the attention this product has gained has been staggering. My own emails have been littered with people asking about the system, as well as users excited to discuss their journey.

An update from the promoters mentioned the the following results:

A return on the starting bank of the advised £300 has returned the following profits:

  • A 528.1% profit without compounding.
  • A 5,307% profit with compounding.

This means that on an initial £300 starting bank, the following profits would have been made by users:

  • £1,884.3 – Without compounding profits (adding profits to the pot and re-trading)
  • £16,223.10 – When compounding the profits (not taking profits out and re-investing)

So, minus the original starting bank of £300 when compounding, users have made a staggering:

£15,923.10 Profit Using The Hedging Methods

Also, there has still not a been a single losing trade is all that time, from the selections that Tony gives his members on a daily basis.

If you can find a set of methods as successful as these, then I would like to hear about them, because I have never seen such success rates.

I have also been using these methods myself, and although I didn’t start straight from the beginning when it first launched, my own profits are fast approaching £8,000.

The method became so popular, that Tim Lowe had to close the doors back in December, and if you remember I had a few codes secured before that happened just for my subscribers.

Further Football Hedging Update: April 2016

9 months since the methods were launched and the compounded profits are now actually crazy. The figures from Tim Lowe state the following:

The return on a £300 starting bank so far would be:

  • 590.2% without compounding.
  • 9,284.95% with compounding.

And the profits and return on the same £300 starting bank in 9 months, when compounding would now stand at:

£27,854.84 Profit Using The Hedging Methods.

Due to the success of the methods, and the limits on Tony Langley’s time, and a holiday, membership closed on the 10th April, but I have a few codes left for access.

When you can make over £27,000+ with a £300 starting bank, then anybody can see the potential this product has for making profits, so if you are interested, you should take a further look.

Further Football Hedging Update: 3rd June 2016

Just as a further update to these hedging methods, I have some information that has come from Tony himself which may make all the difference to those who are unsure about recoveries, and what it entails, etc.

As you can see above, in 9 months of using the methods as Tony advises, on a starting bank of £300, there was over £27,854 made, and a whopping 9,284.95% profit when compounding, and this is using the methods as advised, with approximately 10% of the trades being recoveries (which also profit).

Even Without Hedging Recoveries a Large Profit is Still Made.

Tony has now provided the stats on every trade since launch, and even if you didn’t want to do any recoveries, meaning you just backed out and accepted a small loss and focused on the 90% of trades that made an almost immediate profit, then over the course of the time since this product launched you would still have made the following profits:

  • 308.6% bank growth without compounding.
  • 1316.9% bank growth with compounding.

Meaning, even if trades didn’t go your way, and you needed recoveries, if you DIDN’T want to do any of the recoveries, and scrapped the trades, you would still have made a whopping:


This means, that if you only decided to take the trades that went your way, and compounded the profits, you would still easily have almost doubled your money back.

Obviously most people using the hedging methods would rather have made over £27,000 since launch, including doing the recovery trades, but this also goes to show, that if you wanted to make it as easy as possible, and opted out of all recovery trades, you would still make a very, very good profit.

Meaning the following would have been made even without entering into any recovery trades:

  • £300 starting bank = £4006.71 profit (with no recovery trades).
  • £3000 starting bank = £12,020.13 profit (with no recovery trades).

Impressive figures, without even doing a single recovery!

As you can see, with recoveries you would have made £27,000+ And without recoveries you would still have made a whopping profit.

Further Football Hedging Update: 22nd June 2016

As a further update to Tony’s Hedging System, Tony has now added even more to the members area that means the whole profit process is even safer.

There was a webinar recorded on the 16th June that surprised everybody who watched it. It was definitely a ‘WOW’ moment, as all those watching Tony, and what he introduced immediately realised just what a genius the guy is, and what he had just done for members.

What Tony actually did was introduce stop losses to football trading, then same way a Forex trader does, which was fantastic to see made possible.

So now, not only has there been no losing trades, you can now trade without any recoveries whilst at the same time having stop losses so that you can trade in total safety.

Please use the link below for full details on joining

Football Hedging System Update: 10th August 2016

A new mailing landed at my home today by Tim Lowe now that the Football Hedging Systems are back open for a limited time, and what was interesting was the figures that were quoted in the letter, which I think gives a decent insight into the profits the systems have generated since they were launched over 13 months ago.

The letter also mentioned the advertised initial claim of being able to generate between £9,000 and £12,000 per month, which many readers have asked me about.

Here is the latest Hedging Letter:

Football Hedging Systems Update2

(Copyright Waverley Media)

Here is some of the content that the new mailing contains to save eye strain:

  • As of the 17th July it was exactly 13 calendar months since the Hedging Systems were launched.
  • 369 Trades have been given by Tony Langley.
  • 35 Recovery Trades.
  • No losing trades in 13 months.
  • 789.2% profit without compounding.
  • 9,248.95% profit with compounding.
  • £300 bank turned into £10,568.10 after 28 weeks.
  • £300 bank turned into £28,154.85 after 36 weeks.
  • £300 bank turned into well over £47,946.85 at around 13 months, AFTER being able to withdraw £8,154.85 to spend.
  • Monthly profits on the bank were over 60% per month on average.

The letter also goes on to explain that the initial advertised claim of between £9,000 and £12,000 per month earnings had also been exceeded.

Looking at the above, if the £8,154.85 had not been withdrawn, then by my estimations, with compounding the profits would be in the region of around:

Football Hedging System Profits: £65,000 – £70,000 since launch 13 months ago.

The above is with compounding, when taking Tony’s selections.

I still think (and I still use the systems almost daily) that this is still one of the best products ever launched in the Betfair category, and I have used countless Betfair products that didn’t produce.

Sure, the price is higher than most, but when you look at the figures now proven, it should be seen as an investment, not a purchase.

Where else would you get that kind of return on your money? Even if you only got a total fraction of those returns, and didn’t do a single trade recovery (taking the easy option), the investment would still easily pay for itself with plenty of profit to play with.

Banks these days are giving an absolute pittance in interest, certainly nowhere near the 9,248.95% that these systems have given when compounding. I think the highest I ever got from banks was 4%, and we will never ever see that again.

Football Hedging System Update: 6th September 2016

Football Hedging Forum Added

There has also, over the last few days been a member’s forum added to the members area, where Tim, Tony and all members can discuss content, ideas, strategies and the systems themselves, which has to be a fantastic addition.



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